About Me

My path into the world of spiritual development began back in 2004. I broke up with a woman over religious differences. This made me question whether my chosen path (Agnostic) was the easy way out for me. I began exploring other religions and spiritual paths.

A co-worker introduced me to the idea of Reiki, but he was very secretive about what he learned. Feeling it was something I wanted to learn more about, I began searching online. I found many resources, but the one I connected with was Spirit Reiki by Linda Horton. 

Around the same time, I was reading the Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain. The police officer and martial artist talking about spirituality connected with me. I had studied martial arts for much of my life, so this book was a good bridge for me.

My relationship with God until that time had been cold, sterile, and very impersonal. The way Kerr described the Goddess was loving. Goddess was a part of everything in the Universe and always involved. 

I started taking a yoga classes from Flora at the local new age bookstore. I enthusiastically signed up when Flora offered a Beginners Wiccan Course. I really connected with Flora.  

Flora offered her students free Reiki class, and I received Reiki Master from Flora. Flora and I connected over time. I learned about magic and spirituality from her, and she learned self defense from me. 

I kept learning about new systems of Reiki. I felt like I was missing something. I found it when Don Carter introduced me to Usui Teate, and Kristen Dietz taught me Gendai Ki Reiki. I later found a local teacher in Gendai Reiki. Shawn Erwin trained me up to Shihan level. 

Both systems taught me about the self development aspect of Reiki. This was the missing piece. Reiki was a system of self development first and a system of healing second. 

Shortly after this, the new age bookstore lost their regular Reiki teacher. Flora recommended me. I took over the monthly Reiki shares and began teaching Reiki classes there. 

I continued my studies into other areas, including qigong, pranic healing, and hypnosis. I learned Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and became a Certified EFT-TFT Practitioner. 

All my varied studies are about finding the right tool for each person. People are different. Different tools work for different people. I want to give people the tools that will work for them.

Usui Reiki Training
  • 2004 – Usui Reiki Ryoho – Master – Flora Elmore
  • 2006 – Gendai Ki Reiki – Shinpiden – Kristen Dietz
  • 2009 – Gendai Reiki – Gokui Kaiden – Shawn Erwin
  • 2010 – Gendai Reiki – Shihan – Shawn Erwin
  • 2013 – Komyo Reiki Kai – Okuden – Hyakuten Inamoto
  • 2016 – Animal Reiki – Lisa Powers
Additional Training
  • 2007 – Certified Hypnotist – Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • 2007 – Diploma in Chi Kung – CanAm College
  • 2008 – Microcosmic Orbit – Jampa Stewart
  • 2009 – Inner Structure of Tai Chi – Jampa Stewart
  • 2009 – Basic Pranic Healing® – Master Stephen Co
  • 2010 – Advanced Pranic Healing® – Greg Toews
  • 2010 – Taoist Cosmic Healing – Jampa Stewart
  • 2010 – External Qi Healing – Jampa Stewart
  • 2015 – Animal Care – Holly and Hugo
  • 2017 – EFT Mastery – Mark Johnson
  • 2020 – EFT-TFT Practitioner Certification – Graham Nicholls
  • 2020 – Solution Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification – Graham Nicholls
  • 2020 – Law of Attraction Basic Certification – Global Sciences Foundation
  • 2020 – Ho’oponopono Basic Certification – Global Sciences Foundation