Abundant abundance

Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.
– Edna Ferber

What abundance there is in my life , but also a bit too much of…

I don’t usually leave the writing prompt just hanging there like that, but this is a tough one. My gut response was to say opportunity. That feels cheap, but I suspect there is some truth I need to dig into, so we will go with that.

There is a lot of opportunity in my life. I am not going to make excuses or try to rationalize. I squander most of it. I have been given so many chances by the Universe, and I just say “No, thanks.” I try to be polite to the Universe.

One of the problems is I am afraid. Afraid of making the wrong choice. Afraid of the consequences of any choice. Afraid that making a choice will cost me something else later on. Well of course it will cost me something else. Once I have made a decision and cut off all other options, then new opportunities will need to be let go.

But I am letting them go now.

I know, it’s not rational. This is definitely one of those things I know in my head but not in my heart. So what’s the answer?

Well one of them is to try again and again. Every time I try something and quit, I learn another way, another trick, another method. I see why it failed. I see what I did or didn’t do right.

This journaling is not the first time I tried something like this. Last year, I tried stuff like this several times. In fact, one of the lessons I learned was to keep posting these things to Facebook. Even if only one person is Liking them, then I know someone is paying attention. This was a lesson learned from before. Using Facebook for accountability.

The journaling is my attempt to create a system of writing every day. As I mentioned in a post late last year, I used to write all the time. I really enjoy it. So I am trying to get into the habit.

I was actually shutting down for the night when I remembered I hadn’t posted my journal for today. So I stopped, logged into my blog, and started typing. And here we are, at the end of my post. Day 9 complete.