“Oh look, Randy has a new blog? What’s that, third one this year?”

Fourth, actually. But this one is different.

And before you say “That’s what you always say!” just hear me out.

You see this represents something I have never had. My name.

You see when I first started out in the IM game (yes, I thought of it as a game, but thats for another time), my first teacher was Chris Farrell. And Chris had ChrisFarrell.com. And I was jealous. See my name had been taken a long time before. Randall Hall is a fairly common name, and there is actually a Hall named after some Randall guy out there. Years before I had discovered this when a co-worker suggested everyone should register their name. His last name was Czaja, so it was easy for him.

When I started messing around with IM and the top guys were saying get your name, well I tried. I tried every variation I could think of. RandallHall.com, RandallSHall.com, RandyHall.com, RandySHall.com, Randall-Hall.com, and so on. I ended up having to settle for Randall-Hall.net. I didn’t like it.

Along the way, I picked up some closer ones: RandallScottHall.com, RandallHallOnline, and RandallHall.us. Descent ones, but still not what I wanted.

I think it was December that it came to my attention that RandallHall.com was available. And by “available,” I mean “for sale.” Not for thousands of dollars, but for hundreds. Three hundred to be exact.

Most of you are probably thinking, “What a waste of money!” Well yes, maybe it wasn’t my wisest purchase. But in my defense, shut up.

No seriously. I like that I finally have my name. I like that the availability came at a time that I had the money to buy it. I paid with cash, not with a credit card. I didn’t skip paying a bill or stretch myself to thin.

Now you might be asking “Why not just move your other blog over to this domain?”

Sure, that’s the easy thing to do. But I wanted to start fresh. Use everything I learned to start this from the beginning correctly.

So here goes my new blog.

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