I think the one thing that I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention.
– Diane Sawyer

Grasping at many,
They all get away. Focus.
One goal brings one win.

I am going to focus my attention on

Focusing on one thing has been a problem for me. A lot. Constantly bouncing from idea to idea. Talking myself out of one idea and picking up another. It’s frustrating.

Some people think they are helping me by pointing it out. They think they are doing me some good. But it comes across like kicking a horse when he’s down. I already know it; I don’t need them rubbing it in.

So what’s the solution. I need to figure out how to stop listening to Bob. I have started a process of writing every day. I need to start a process of meditating every day as well. I have started that before and fell off. I need to learn some meditations I can do myself, so I am not dependent on guided meditations that run out or just don’t work from time to time.

After that, I need to develop a practice of qigong every day. Short, 7-10 minute sessions to start and then move up. Meditating, qigong, writing.

From there I can start moving it all to mornings and build up my SAVERS plan for my Miracle Morning.