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The Truth About Giving

I have been in a few Facebook discussions about “giving.” The latest one was about the implied social contract with gift-giving. You give a gift; you receive a gift. This inevitably led to the idea that it’s wrong to expect a gift in return for a gift; that this is not really giving. Then the […]

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The Pain and Pleasure in Rational Decisions

A lot of motivational speakers talk about pain and pleasure; how we are constantly about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Well in the latest audiobook I started, the author talks about how all decisions are made based on pain and pleasure and then rationally/logically justified. He made it sound like it is impossible to make […]

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Today’s exercise: “Your character is a child whose stuffed toy comes equipped with a nanny-cam and primitive AI. One day, the toy decides to take your character’s safety into its own mitten-like hands.” The door slides shut and Maria enters the code to lock it. The young woman turns and says “Well, Tony, what’s the […]

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The Non-Present

Today’s writing exercise: “Someone is transported to a Christmas in a past century.” Talan stood in the chamber tapping his foot. He hated this. He should be capturing criminals, not wasting his time on this nonsense. “Ready to go?” Talan smiles and nods his head vigorously to the technician through the small portal window. This […]

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Broken silence

Alan struggles as he stumbles into the kitchen carrying the large platter of dirty if dishes. Merr doesn’t even look up from the sink full of soapy water and dirty dishes not finished from his previous trip. Alan continues to struggle as he takes the dishes over to the sink. As he nears the sink, […]

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