My first recipe for happiness: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past. – AndrĂ© Maurois Today I am thrilled by seeing one of my best friends put on an amazing one-man show. It’s called Under the Lintel and is about an ex-librarian who went off the deep end when someone returns a library book that […]

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Power in the water

Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power. – William James Half glass before me; Do I see full or empty? The water holds strength. I have so much strength and power today. Yeah, most days. Some days I feel like I can’t make anything go right. Everything I do blows up, everything I try to […]

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Think for yourself and let others the privilege of doing so too. – Voltaire I love about myself my own unique way of linking many different topics by seeing how they relate. My technique of learning involves comparing new topics and ideas to something I already have learned. I try to simplify things down to […]

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The Truth About Giving

I have been in a few Facebook discussions about “giving.” The latest one was about the implied social contract with gift-giving. You give a gift; you receive a gift. This inevitably led to the idea that it’s wrong to expect a gift in return for a gift; that this is not really giving. Then the […]

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The Pain and Pleasure in Rational Decisions

A lot of motivational speakers talk about pain and pleasure; how we are constantly about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Well in the latest audiobook I started, the author talks about how all decisions are made based on pain and pleasure and then rationally/logically justified. He made it sound like it is impossible to make […]

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