Securing Your Smartphone

Here is an article I wrote a few years ago about securing smartphones: I remember the first time I noticed it. I was at a stop light, and I glanced down at my phone. I saw the pop-up say it was connecting to an AT&T Hotspot. As I looked around at all the businesses and […]

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Types of Traffic

Most people will tell you there are two types of traffic, free and paid. While I agree on the number, I disagree on the types of traffic. First of all, nothing is free. “Free” traffic costs you time. And anything that costs time can be outsourced to someone else, thus making “free” traffic cost you money. […]

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6 WordPress Security Tips

When it comes to website platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular anywhere in the world, with more than 76 million blogs using WordPress. More than 20% of all websites use WordPress, with 50,000 being added every day. There are no signs that the growth of WordPress is going to slow. This makes WordPress a very big […]

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