For you, Andy

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone of weary or life.
– Rachel Carson

I have always wondered about what my cat is thinking.

(I feel an Andy Rooney moment coming on)

I wonder what he thinks when I come into a room suddenly when he is doing something. Does he not know that sound travels and I can hear him tearing up the envelope?

I wonder what it is about window envelopes that attracts him so much. Is it the shiny or the crinkly?

I wonder what he thinks when I bring home a new toy. Is it a reward or a bribe? I think he sees it as a bribe because he never plays with it for very long. But if I drop a washcloth, he has a new favorite toy. He played with that for weeks.

I wonder what he thinks when I leave for work every day. Is he happy that he has the house to himself? I know I like to be alone at times.

I wonder what he is thinking when I come home. Was he waiting at the door all day or did he walk up just as I was approaching?

I wonder why he lets me pet him four times but not five. It’s always a warning bite; but when he’s had enough, he’s had enough.

I wonder what he is thinking when he lays down and faces away from me. What did I do to annoy him?

I wonder if he watches tv when I do. If he’s like my friends, he wants to slap me and yell “Pick a channel!”

I wonder what he thinks when I don’t let him on my lap while I am working on the computer.  Can’t he tell the difference between working and messing around on the Internet?

I wonder what he thinks when I let a moth in. Did I let an intruder in or give him a new toy? It might be why he gets bored with the moth after a while.

I wonder what he thinks when I change cat foods on him. And does he notice when I change the cat litter?

I wonder what he thinks about me cleaning out his cat box. Is he mad that I dig up what he has buried? Look there is another bit of plastic in there. I guess he got hold of an envelope.