Give or receive

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.
– Arthur Ashe

That which comes to us
Feeds our bodies; That we give,
Fills our souls with light

My life is full of

I am starting to wonder how much effort Jody made to match the quotes with the starters.

I do like to give. Little things. Big things. I like to give with meaning. I hate forced presents – buying a present because it’s expected. I like to find gifts with meaning.

I like doing nice things; buying lunch for a friend or co-worker. Giving a lift. Things that make days a little better. I don’t need to make a grand gesture.

I have seen people get upset when their gift isn’t received with appropriate gravitas. When the person doesn’t react enough – if it doesn’t move them, the giver will get visibly hurt. It’s a weird dynamic that I don’t really want to explore.

I do like receiving.  I love the feeling of the wrapped package, the feeling of anticipation of finding out what someone bought for me.

I also like the little things. When someone buys me a drink, a yogurt, or a meal. I like the feeling of gratitude for them – the small gift a reminder of my gratitude for them being in my life.