Giving and receiving

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day.
-Sally Koch

When Flora and Jonathan helped me, I felt just completely amazed. I was looking to move and they drove down from Grove, Oklahoma to Kyle, Texas. That’s from the northeast corner of Oklahoma to just south of Austin. Flora asked me when I wanted to move and the said she and Jonathan were coming down.

I felt embarrassed a little. I never felt like I did anything like that. Not to that scale. Give people a ride, hold doors, donate to charities. I try to help when I can, but I don’t think I have ever gone so far out of my way for someone. At least none come to mind.

I have to wonder though; perception of giving and receiving are very different. I am sure that some of the times I have helped someone was received as a much bigger deal than it was to me, the giver.

I am not suggesting that it’s not a big deal when someone does something amazing for you.  I am saying that even the small favors you do for someone are usually much more beneficial to them than whatever it personally costs you.

I remember one time I was in a restaurant sitting next to the door to the outdoor patio. I was lost in thought and didn’t even realize I was reaching out to hold the door open for a woman carrying a fully loaded tray of food outside. I let go of the door and didn’t realize she had said “Thank you” until the door was almost completely closed.

It was an interesting situation. My subconscious mind reached my hand out and opened the door for a person who needed help. Oddly, I was in a weird position, and it was uncomfortable for me to hold the door.  None of this registered. Even the “Thank you” took an extra few seconds to register in my mind.

I have long wondered who I was behind all the masks I regularly wear. This suggests that deep down, I am a good person.