Grateful for the big and small

“Persons thankful for the little things are certain to be ones with much to be thankful for.”
– Frank Clark

Small rewards abound
Be grateful for one and all
Rewards multiply

Yipee! I am so thankful for all of the opportunities there are in life.

It feels like I have written this before. It’s a pretty standard journal-type question.

Let’s talk about the nature of gratitude. In the Reiki precepts, Be grateful is the third of five precepts. I always found this interesting.

Don’t be angry is the first one. Don’t worry is the second. We are typically angry about things that have happened – the past, and we worry about things that might happen – the future. So by avoiding anger and worry, we are avoiding focusing on the past or future. Instead, we focus on the present.

I thought and about this for a long time. Gratitude is a good way to be focused on the present. Focus on being grateful. Focus on the feeling of gratitude. Especially when you start to feel anger or worry build up.


So what little things am I grateful for? It’s hard. Is a reliable car a little thing? Is a boss that lets me work from home during bad weather a little thing?

A lot of these little things come from bigger things. My car is reliable because I have the means to take care of – which I am grateful for. My boss lets me work from home during inclement weather because he respects me – which I am grateful for.

How many little things really just come from bigger things? I am grateful my driving instructors impressed upon me the 2-second rule. About a year ago that saved me from being in a multi-car accident.

I am grateful for the friends I have made. I am grateful for the jobs I have had. I am grateful for my family. All of them have seeded big and small rewards throughout my life.