Think it more satisfactorily to live richly than to die rich.
– Sir Thomas Browne

I am dreaming of indulging in…

Okay, that is not what I get from that quote. I don’t think of living richly as indulging. I think living richly means living with meaning. Living a purpose. Changing lives for the better.

What do I see as indulging? A nice house with the money to have professionals clean it and take care of the lawn. I would like to travel and meet people in person that I only know online. I would like to be able to give back to people in need.

Whatever area of wellness I get into, I want to be able to offer my services to people who can’t afford them normally. I want to make enough money that I can provide some services or events for free. Like a free Reiki circle, or free motivation seminars.

It would also be nice to travel with somebody.

P.S. As I look at pictures for this, I get images of desserts and fruit, but also some of empathy and apology. Interesting