Inside out

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When you ask yourself
Why does this make me feel so?
Look inside yourself

Hello, feelings. How are you today? Before writing today, I can take a look in the best mirror I have and have a talk with myself. Now I smile, blow a kiss to the glass, and go and write.

Geez, who wrote these things. “Jody Shafarman.” Ehh.

The thing is I have conversations with myself a lot. Maybe I am unusual in that respect, but it is my norm.

No, I don’t mean talking to myself. I mean an actual back and forth conversation. Usually, the conversations are with my more judgemental side. It does talk me out of a lot of things. Too many, I know.

That side of me – I named him Bob when I was seeing a coach – wants to protect me from harm. Even if it means never doing anything new or exciting. No growth for Bob. Better to be the same and boring.

Of course, the challenge is that Bob sees harm in everything. He makes up harm that could never happen. Bob is not healthy. And I am not healthy for listening to him.

Bob is always lurking in the background, sometimes getting me to avoid things with just the threat of his presence.

I almost erased that line.

This is not the easiest stuff to write. Especially knowing someone might read it.