lawsofspiritI have been a fan of Dan Millman since I read Way of The Peaceful Warrior. While I love the book, and the movie based on it, it’s not really my favorite book. Dan Millman’s book, The Laws of Spirit: A Tale of Transformation is a short 120 page book full of, as Dan puts it, “pithy wisdom.”

The story is a fictional tale based on events in Dan’s life filled with lessons he learned from various teachers. In the story, Dan meets a wise sage who takes him on a walk in the woods and teaches him the twelve Laws of Spirit.

One particularly memorable law is the Law of Choices. The Law is introduced with a very important lesson. On their journey, they reach a fork in the path. The old sage asks Dan to choose which path for them to walk down. He verbalizes his choice several time and the sage acts like he hasn’t made a choice. It is not until he acts and starts walking a specific path that the sage acknowledges a choice was actually made.

Dan Millman is an excellent storyteller, and he flows his lessons very well into the narrative. Dan isn’t some “guru” telling you how it is. He is a student learning the lesson alongside of you. This has the effect of pulling the reader into the story. You are right there with Dan, walking with the sage and learning alongside him.

Like usual, I listened to the audio book. At just over two hours, this is a great book to listen to in the car. This is also a good audiobook to listen to on a regular basis. I try to listen to it at least once a month.

I highly recommend The Laws of Spirit. Unlike other books of this nature, this book is very engaging and doesn’t preach from a pedestal. Dan is right there on the ground with you as the two of you climb your way up together.



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