Light on your personal power

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m shining light on personal responsibility. I see people give away their power in so many ways. There is an illusion that it’s easier. You give up making the decision and thus can’t be held responsible for the consequences. But that is wrong for two reasons.

First, it doesn’t matter who caused the end results. You are where you are for whatever reason. Your responsibility is to be and move from where you are. I spoke a bit more extensively on an earlier post.

Secondly, giving up your choice is a choice. Anything that happens because you give up your choice is your fault. Period. Now I don’t believe in “fault” (see the previously mentioned post) but many other people do. And if we are going to deal in “fault” then not choosing still makes the consequences your “fault.”

But let’s move beyond that.

Many people give up the choice and then tell themselves (and anyone who will listen) that they have no choice. They believe it. It gives them power. Being a victim gives people a sense of security.

I have kind of hit a rambling point now. Earlier today I was watching a YouTube video of a guy who mocks a lot of silly people like flat earthers. At the end, he makes a statement that if you use the phrase “Big Pharma” you are automatically uncredible.

While most of his stuff does follow the “science” as it were, and even most of the quack medicine he covers (like drinking bleach and turpentine) are really bad for you, he does tend to make assumptions that a lot of people do.

A common statement I hear from poo-pooers of all alternative medicine is “Where are the double-blind, peer-reviewed studies.” The assumption being that the only reason they don’t exist is that the treatment doesn’t work. That’s not the reason most of them aren’t tested.

Most of the time the treatment won’t be profitable. These types of tests are very expensive. And natural cures can’t be patented. As much as I hate the pharmaceutical industry (give me a minute), getting drugs approved with the FDA is expensive. And they do in fact need patent protection to make back the millions they spent getting it approved.

You see, the first company that gets a treatment approved spends millions in design, productions, and testing. Design and testing are the most expensive. They have to provide the exact process for creating the treatment to the FDA. Once a treatment is approved, any other company can come along and offer the same treatment themselves. They have the blueprint (its public information now) so they don’t have to design it. And they can just point to the first company’s tests instead of running their own.

The only reason the company makes a profit at all is that patents keep other companies from copying them. As soon as the patent runs out, anyone can sell the treatment. However, naturally occurring substances can’t be patented. So as soon as a natural treatment is approved, anyone can sell it.

Don’t get me wrong, the pharmaceutical industry milks millions from this system. Once a patent runs out, they create a new drug that is almost identical and patent that one and push doctors to prescribe that. They market a drug so that doctors only prescribe that for a condition and then jack up the price.

But at its core, the whole medical system is broken. We pay when we are sick. There is no financial incentive for doctors or “Big Pharma” to cure us. There is no financial incentive to prevent disease. There is a huge financial incentive to keep us sick and coming back for more treatment.

I guess I really want to shine a light on that.