My appreciation

Who seeks more than he has, hinders himself from enjoying what he has.
– Solomon Ibn Gibriol

I am very appreciative that I have so much luck. I have been blessed with so many opportunities. Not just that, but opportunities at the right time. The timing has been absolutely perfect in most cases.

From meeting my best friend in school to my best friend as an adult. In school, we met because he went to the wrong room and as an adult, I met my best friend on a chance visit to a class that has held on a holiday at a closed store.

When I decided to leave Texas four years ago with no plan and definitely no job, I was lucky enough to connect with an owner who needed my skills at that exact moment. He ended up needing someone in Kansas City and paid my moving costs. I have loved living here; it has everything I would have asked for in a new city to live in.

I find myself in the right place at the right time so many times. The right place for a new job, the right time for wanting to take on a new challenge. The place I think I am going to live doesn’t work out and someplace better is available immediately.

I appreciate all of the opportunities. I try to take time to appreciate what I have and not constantly be looking for “more.” It’s when I push things, when I overthink, that things don’t work out.

Relax. Breathe. Trust.