People and fools

We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools. – Martin Luther King Jr. What a world of diverse people of all ages and cultures around me. Today, I can appreciate how our difference can make us stronger. They say the whole is greater than the sum of its […]

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For you, Andy

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone of weary or life. – Rachel Carson I have always wondered about what my cat is thinking. (I feel an Andy Rooney moment coming on) I wonder what he thinks when I come into a room suddenly when he is doing […]

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Good days and best

If you are happy and people around you are not happy, they will not allow you to stay happy. Therefore much of our happiness depends on our ability to spread happiness around us. Dr. Madan Kataria Well yes, I can spread happiness, but can I also see beyond the complainers and pessimists? In the journal […]

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Fear and shadows

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere. – Ruth E. Renkel Self-Interview: What’s your deepest fear? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would you live if you won the lottery and didn’t need to earn a living for the rest of your life? Why aren’t you […]

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Rejoice in pain

If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years. – Bertrand Russell Oh yes, I have known that feeling expressed in the German word, shadenfreude, which translates to “damage-joy” when we […]

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