This time last year

A  year ago, I was doing a lot of what I am doing right now. And yet the direction I was going is completely different. Let me explain. Last year, I was a contractor and I took a short term assignment with a large corporation. So I was getting up early every day, doing the […]

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Randall Hall, author, comedian – what could have been

Back in the nineties, I wanted to be a writer. It really hit home for me in college, during my first year in summer school. I had flunked my second semester in college, and they wanted me to take some classes at a junior college to earn my way back in. I signed up for […]

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Getting Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is some of the best traffic in my opinion. Organic traffic converts better and is more likely to keep coming back again and again. But organic traffic is a bit more time consuming and doesn’t give you the instant effect of advertised traffic. So people wanting instant success blow it off as worthless. […]

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Ten Tech Tools to Help You With Your Business

When I first got online, Netscape was the king of browser. Microsoft didn’t want to have anything to do with the “Internet.” And if you had a 56k modem, you could watch a 2 minute, postage stamp size video after about 20 minutes. My how the world has changed. The tools for running an online […]

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What’s your why?

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