Why Backups Are Part of Security

By Randall Hall | February 8, 2016

Most people think that backups are there to protect your data from hardware failure. And that is true. You take backup in case the hardware your data is sitting on fails (I should say WHEN the hardware your data is sitting on fail). But backups are useful in other times too. Backups are a very valuable […]

Five Ways to Monetize Your Blog

By Randall Hall | February 4, 2016

Once you have written some blog posts (the number varies depending on who you ask, anywhere from 10 to 100), you can start thinking about monetizing your blog. Your blog should always be about sharing your ideas, and building a good audience. But as long as you continue to provide value to your readers, you can find ways […]

Best Security Advice from 2015

By Randall Hall | January 26, 2016

There are many events in 2015 that can teach us lessons of security, but the Ashley Madison hack has many, many lessons to teach us. For those unaware, Ashley Madison was a site where you could schedule ex-marital affairs. In other words, it was a site for cheaters. You paid a fee and you could meet […]

Why Can’t My Password Be ‘Password’

By Randall Hall | January 18, 2016

They say a strong password is the first line of defense for any system. Actually, a strong password is the equivalent of not leaving your keys in your parked car. Strong password is the absolute minimum security measure you should do. That being said, what qualities make up a strong password. Good length Generally speaking, […]

Why Hackers Hack

By Randall Hall | January 17, 2016

WordPress is run on more than 76 million websites. This makes learning to hack WordPress a valuable skill for hackers. Hackers are looking to hack your WordPress site for many reasons. Most of these reasons come down to money; they are looking for ways to make money with your hacked website. Three of the most […]

Securing Your Wireless Network

By Randall Hall | January 11, 2016

More and more people are choosing to work from home. Some are telecommuters; others start a home business. Either way, the advantages are many. Some of the advantages include flexible schedule, avoiding the rush hour traffic, spending more time with the family. One thing in common is these people need a home office. And even people with […]

Securing Your Smartphone

By Randall Hall | January 4, 2016

Here is an article I wrote a few years ago about securing smartphones: I remember the first time I noticed it. I was at a stop light, and I glanced down at my phone. I saw the pop-up say it was connecting to an AT&T Hotspot. As I looked around at all the businesses and […]

Types of Traffic

By Randall Hall | December 27, 2015

Most people will tell you there are two types of traffic, free and paid. While I agree on the number, I disagree on the types of traffic. First of all, nothing is free. “Free” traffic costs you time. And anything that costs time can be outsourced to someone else, thus making “free” traffic cost you money. […]

My Five Favorite WordPress Plugins

By Randall Hall | December 4, 2015

Let’s face it, everyone you talk to will have a different opinion on the WordPress plugins you should install. I think as long as you have the basics covered (security, backups, sharing, SEO, and contact), whatever plugins you choose are fine. These are the five I always install on my WordPress blogs. Now before we […]

Five Factors Of Effective WordPress Themes

By Randall Hall | December 2, 2015

If you’re blogging on the WordPress platform, one of the first thing you probably did was install a new WordPress theme. You probably still occasionally change themes and waste a lot of time doing minor modifications that when summed up merely distracts you from blogging itself. I get it; choosing the right theme is important. The theme defines […]