Think for yourself and let others the privilege of doing so too.
– Voltaire

I love about myself my own unique way of linking many different topics by seeing how they relate. My technique of learning involves comparing new topics and ideas to something I already have learned. I try to simplify things down to their basic system and when I do that, I see it is often like something else I know.

I also look at things from a perspective of balance. Everything in nature seeks a balance. The universe is all about balance. If you push an extreme, you should expect the opposite extreme. It’s silly to expect any other way.

Simplicity and balance.

I feel like I am approaching that line of trying to sound impressive.

I guess I am pretty good at recognizing many of my faults. I recognize that I can be wrong about things. I view it as a strength; I have seen people try to use it against me. It makes me laugh.

Only absolute fools are absolutely certain.

All of these qualities make a very unique perspective on things. I am not the first person to have these ideas, I’m sure, but they don’t seem to be common. Not mainstream. And I recognize my own evolution.

I have been learning about epistemology – critical thinking and seeking truth. And it is causing me to question claims of all kinds. Claims I might have accepted ten years ago without question. It doesn’t matter whether the claim supports my current beliefs or not; I still question the evidence behind the claim.

In fact, even using the word “claim” is new. Just that word brings clarity to me about what is being said. Add to it the many logical fallacies I am learning about makes me see mistakes I was making before.

I used to say I was naive. Maybe I still am a little, but I am better about it. Not in a cynical “I don’t trust anyone” way, but in an “I want to find the truth” way. And I guess that adds to my already unique way of seeing the world.