Spectacular moments

Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments.
– Rose Kennedy

Seek not the awards,
True treasures are in the race.
Just open your eyes.

Yesterday or today, I had a spectacular moment when…

It’s hard for me to judge moments spectacular. I appreciate good things all the time. I realize I am very fortunate for the many things I have been given and warned in this life, and I am grateful for them.

Whether it’s a good parking space or a safe drive home, I appreciate all the little things along the way on my journey. Rose’s quote is nothing new to me. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Scott Adams teaches creating systems not goals. The system is the journey. That is what this journaling is about, creating a system of writing regularly. I have already adjusted it once by adding haiku to it. Eventually, I imagine I will be writing articles on blogs and other things, but I wanted to start with something easy.

But let’s think more about spectacular moments. It’s the weekend, so I am not working. It’s pretty amazing that I have a job where I get weekends off. Many people don’t have that. Many people are lucky to get 1 day off a week, much less two days. Many people don’t even have jobs. It’s a miserable feeling, not having control.

I was just commenting on a FB post about how “JOB stands for ‘Just Above Broke.'” I get the sentiment, but its not that way for everyone. Not every job is a dream stealer, as this person suggested. Some people get their dream job. There are doing what they enjoy doing, paid well for it, and are happy in the situation they have.

Not everyone wants to run their own business. Not everyone wants to be a leader. There is nothing wrong with these sentiments. But there is a group of entrepreneurs who think having a job is the worst fate in the world. For them, it may be. But not for everyone.

What about me? Well, I do like my job. To be fair, I almost always like my job in the beginning. I would like to do more to help people. I help them a lot now, but I would prefer to help them in a more impactful way, other than making it easier to do their jobs on their computers.

I want to help empower people. When I do that, when I help someone take charge of their lives, even in a small way, that is a spectacular moment for me.