wordpress security

How Hackers Can Learn Your Password

I have spoken a lot about creating strong passwords. While I mostly talk about security related to WordPress blogs, these apply to any website you login to. No matter how many times I talk about secure passwords, users still create simple passwords that the hackers have no trouble breaking. So, let’s see how a hacker determines your password. If […]

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Best Security Advice from 2015

There are many events in 2015 that can teach us lessons of security, but the Ashley Madison hack has many, many lessons to teach us. For those unaware, Ashley Madison was a site where you could schedule ex-marital affairs. In other words, it was a site for cheaters. You paid a fee and you could meet […]

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6 WordPress Security Tips

When it comes to website platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular anywhere in the world, with more than 76 million blogs using WordPress. More than 20% of all websites use WordPress, with 50,000 being added every day. There are no signs that the growth of WordPress is going to slow. This makes WordPress a very big […]

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