This time last year

A  year ago, I was doing a lot of what I am doing right now. And yet the direction I was going is completely different. Let me explain.

Last year, I was a contractor and I took a short term assignment with a large corporation. So I was getting up early every day, doing the whole morning routine of shower, shave, dress and drive to work. I worked as a System Admin in a nice environment and got along great with my co-workers.

And that is pretty much how today went. Get up early, get ready for work, shorter drive to work, and good job with friendly co-workers. So what changed.

Well, my future outlook. Last year, it was a temp assignment and while I was away, my main contract changed owners. My gut told me not to count on it anymore. My brain stupidly ignored it.

Today, I see a lot of good things happening; both with the job and with everything else in my life. I spent most of this year in a funk. I went through several periods of deep depression. In many ways, I am back where I started last year – but it many other ways I am so much better off.