Traveling memories

Like all great travelers, I remember more than I have seen and
I have seen more than I remember.
-Benjamin Disraeli

What travels would I like to write about? A friend recently mentioned that she totally saw me going to Japan. This friend is one who just draws out the truth in me – even truth about me I don’t know myself. So it was only a partial surprise when I said that I am scared of traveling to Asia. She obviously asked why, and I didn’t have an answer.

In my head, I would love to visit Japan and China. I feel like the trip would be amazing. But I also over-think everything. So many of my ideas have been killed by over-thinking. All the possible things that could go wrong.

I would like to write about visiting the Mikao Usui Memorial. I would like to write about visiting Buddhist and Shinto temples. I would love to write about visiting Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics.

What distorted memory of traveling?

For me, the hardest parts of traveling are the beginnings and endings. The airports and plane rides. I can’t remember a good experience on a plane or in an airport. I would love to have a good memory of one of those.